Does boredom lead to compulsive behaviours?

Recall a time when you were really bored. Now, imagine yourself being bored. What do you see yourself doing during boredom? Ever had the experience of repeatedly checking Facebook or Instagram or Twitter for no good reason?

In today’s digital world, we cope with our boredom by disengaging ourselves from the real world to ‘reel’ world (i.e., social media). Whether it is by regularly posting selfies or checking other people’s posts, we deliberately and addictively make use of such mediums as means of passage of time. But it has a numbing effect on our minds. And we are unaware of it.

Instead of utilizing our minds in the creative process of self-growth, we become passive and addictive consumers of social media. Before the introduction of social media, I imagine more people doing things like swimming, playing sports, baking, gardening, playing music and many other things not involving digital technology than people today. These activities surely sounds more advantageous for mental and physical well-being than the use of social media.

One of the major drawbacks, according to me, of the digital world is that it minimizes in-person social interaction. Is the digital world, particularly the social media, causing us to loose our language and interpersonal skills-things that give human specialness? In addition to minimized verbal interaction, we are also loosing quality in writing. Commonly used language on social media includes phrases and terms such as “your welcome”, “wat up”, “donno”. Using abbreviations to save time is one thing, but the kind of language used on social media is becoming a new kind of dialect. As expected, its usage has extended to everyday use in normal conversations that does not involve social media.

Social media definitely does have advantages as it unites people on a global level. However, we need to be aware when our social media usage exceeds the threshold, above which it can have devastating effects on our mental and physical well-being. This threshold may be individual-specific. Next time you feel bored, think about how you can use your creative thinking and physical stamina to do something that will contribute to your physical and mental well-being. Don’t let your life become dependant on social media. It has numbing effects. Be cautious.


Reference: Featured image taken from Google Images.


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