Disneyland Paradox

After watching an interview of Ryan Gosling on Conan, I decided to dig deeper about the topic of feral cats that walk around at night in Disneyland (all 200 of them!).

Upon doing some research on this topic, it seems that these feral cats and Disney company has formed a mutualisitc relationship since the mid-1900s (i.e., near the time of Disneyland establishment). The cats are harmless to humans (in fact, by nature, they are scared of humans) and they help to keep the rodent/mice population under control. In return, Disney company provides food, medical care, and shelter to these cats. There are also controls put into place to ensure that the cat population remains under control. Isn’t this brilliant? A business strategy that maximizes the profits.

It is paradoxical that these cats and Mickey and Minnie mouse live in the same area. These cats are a threat to all rodents, except for Mickey and Minnie mouse.  How could this be possible? Over the years,  it seems that Mickey/Minnie mouse and the cats have become just good friends. They may be in a commensal relationship. That is, Mickey and Minnie mouse enjoy their autonomy as the cats hunt down their competitors. In other words, natural selection will likely would not occur, which would otherwise lead Mickey and Minnie mouse to extinction (with one exception: if mutated competitors are able to successfully escape or combat the cats’ attacks). Mickey and Minnie mouse, you two are the king and queen of the castle since a very long time and will remain so for a much longer time, and we are happy with that! 🙂

Reference: About the Cats of Disneyland. (n.d.).http://disneylandcats.com/about/


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